Friday, June 20, 2008

First timer here

So, I finally did it. I created a blog. There's so many of them out there these days I felt it was finally time to get one of my own! Plus, I hope it helps my out of state family keep in touch and get to watch my kids grow.

The American Red Cross has announced it is out of disaster relief funds to aid those affected but the devastating flooding in the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. Over at SplitcoastStampers, they have agreed to sponsor a raffle of handmade gifts. I will post a link and more information about that in another post. But you can bet I will be creating something. Maybe one of those cute stationery kits. Maybe a paint can. I think the Red Cross is a wonderful organization and I look forward to being able to create something that will help them out!

I hope to get started on that later today and have it posted mid week.

But for now, the kids and I are off to the park for a hike in the woods!


Melanie said...

Welcome to the fun world of blogging. I'm excited to see what you'll have to post.

From another SCS gal!!

Tracy said...

sucker! i wondered how long it would take you to jump on board!!!!!

Waiting patiently to see what you will do!

Congrats and good luck!