Saturday, August 29, 2009

how quickly they grow...

It's hard to believe the cute pup we got just a few months ago has already grown into this monster! I had him at the vet this morning and he weighs 27.5 pounds already! Someone send him a memo... he thinks he's a lapdog. We expect him to grow to be about 80-100 lbs. WHAT was I thinking???

Bowzer has been going to puppy training classes and he's usually a pretty good pup. We've "bell trained" him so he rings a cow bell when he needs to go out, which is actually a lot less annoying than it sounds. He wasn't signaling us to take him out but this seemed to work great for him. That in itself is less annoying!

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Georgann said...

He is HUGE! He will scare Tally and Freckles.