Sunday, January 18, 2009

almost set...

Last week I got a new PC and we've been working to get XP to run on it and make back up disks of Vista for Justin (Case). Well, this is my *first* blog entry on my new PC. There's till work to do... I need to copy over my fonts (my husband actually thinks that the 50ish that comes with the PC is enough!) and I need to copy over all my music. Last time I got a new PC there were issues with that, so I am going to rip everything from CD. I don't do any music downloading so I have everything and I am not too concerned about that.

Throwing another wrench into the mix was a trip to IKEA. My managed to drag my son along. It's almost an hour ride and I hate to drive alone. I wanted to make a home mad clip it up. Well, I decided after getting all my clip it up supplies that I'd look at the dent and scratch area. They had BRAND NEW base cabinets for $10 each. They only had the corner cabinets, so if you're thinking you're going to do your kitchen you'd be wrong. But if you're not going to put doors on, and you just want a base to get your counter top off your Crop In Style cubes then these are the perfect thing! I also have an old shelving unit that I want to demote to the garage. So I am getting pretty much a whole craft room/office overhaul :)

And I got some stamping in yesterday to boot! But I will share that with you later.

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